I am going to university!

I achieved and acceded the grades I needed to get into my dream university (which shall remain anonymous for security reasons and whatnot). I am so happy today, because it feels like my life is falling into place. And rightly so. Anyone who knows me, knows I work hard – extremely hard – for every single thing I have in life. In that way, I am entitled to feel a sense of pride in myself, but mainly in God. Thank You, God for giving me the strength to go to the library to study every day from 9am til 8pm. Thank you for giving me the focus to study instead of going out all of the time. All of the short term sacrifices have been worth it in the long term.

My A Level grades were AAB. Now to some people, that is amazing. To others, that is nothing. It doesn’t matter what they are to others however, because they are fantastic to me.

Another reason why I believe that today is one of the best days of my life is that, because I have been accepted by my university, I have received a bursary package from the Royal Television Society (RTS).  The RTS are an educational charity that work primarily in television, broadcast journalism and television production. To find out more about them, click here. They are a big deal because they know all of the important people in the industry. Being a part of them will give me unbelievable opportunities to network with the who’s who of the business, allowing me to potentially get a job in broadcast journalism when I graduate.

This opportunity is only awarded to twenty people in the UK, every year. Only twenty people. And I am one of them. The fact that I am one of the twenty continues to blow my mind. This very blog (along with other of my projects) was hailed as one key influencer in me getting long listed, short listed then the actual bursary. So, I must thank you, as the readers, for motivating me to continue to write.

Today is a good day for me. Today might have felt like a unpleasant day for some, especially if things did not go to plan. But please remember nothing is really the end of the world (expect the actual end of the world). I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Just because your life is going in a direction that was not initially planned, does not mean that your life will not be great. I know this sounds cheesy coming from me, someone who got exactly what they wanted from today, but I know what I am saying directly from experience. Life can be so disappointing sometimes, then you realise that the disappointment was a blessing in disguise. You wouldn’t be the person you are without those disappointments and ‘failures’. Enjoy every season in life that you find yourself, and learn everything  you can from it.


Paula Melissa xx

(Undergraduate Journalism Studies student)


Around this time of year every GSCE and A level student is receiving some set of results. Good luck to you all, by the way.

I’m writing this post because there is a HUGE misconception when it comes to results.

Let me set the scene. Picture: myself and 3 of my very smart friends. We’re at our school, coming to collect our results. We are all A students.
I got 2As, 4Bs and 1C
I didn’t know whether to be happy or not. In general, those results are good but they are average. I’m not average. I never want to be average.
Now here is the misconception. I’m not angry/upset that I didn’t do better than other people, I’m sad that I didn’t do the best I could. In my mock exams, earlier in the year, I got 1A*, 1B and the rest all As. That proved I could do it. I’m upset with myself. I’m upset that I didn’t push myself. And the fact that other people were making me feel dumb and vunerable because of my result, make me feel worse. I think the best way for me to take this is to use it to inspire me to work harder; to prove to myself, as well as others, that I can do it.

I wrote this post because I was upset and feeling that I should give up on school but in the mist of writing this, I realised I can’t give up. I have to work hard. I remembered, I’m the person who always bragged that I wasn’t afraid of hard work.
I want people who haven’t had things go their way, to feel inspired and to carry on.
I know I will.

I saw a tweet today which said, **paraphrased**
“To people who didn’t get the result they wanted remember, Pitball rhymed “kodak” with “kodak” and he’s a millionaire so there’s hope for you.”
Obviously, no disrespect to Pitball. This just made me smile and I thought you would like it also.

Just remember, you can be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do, when you set your mind to it and try your hardest.
Don’t ever beat yourself up about it.
Live with no regrets.

Paula ox’